As the decades passed, the Multihalle almost slipped into obscurity. How can collective awareness for a building such as the Multihalle be re-established in the city?

In the 1970s and ’80s, the Multihalle was a venue for all kinds of different events. From legendary popular TV shows to one of hard rock band AC/DC’s first concerts in Germany, all kinds of exhibitions, festivities, concerts, children’s festivals, circus performances and markets were staged there.

In order to revive and ‘reprogramme’ the Multihalle, a number of events related to architecture, culture and sports have been offered since 2017.

This ‘test run’ of different uses aims to result in a sustainable operating concept for the Multihalle as a venue for various event types.


What’s going on in the Multihalle?

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In 2017, zeitraumexit curated a series of cultural events (“FREIRÄUMEN”) for the Multihalle – a diverse two-year agenda ranging from small discussion rounds to popular entertainment and sport.

In all, almost 3000 people took part in these events.




It is a fascinating location – and a fascinating experience to go there. The Multihalle is part of the Herzogenriedpark in Mannheim’s Neckarstadt district.

Frei Otto’s timber grid shell construction spans most of the Multihalle ensemble. The canopied walkways are freely accessible, but the main hall is currently closed due to structural damage.

Special guided tours can be arranged by appointment – regular guided tours will be offered from 2019 on.


Herzogenriedpark Mannheim
Max-Joseph-Straße 64
Open daily 9.00 – 16.30
Info: +40 (0)621 410050

or click here for a virtual tour.

Events – Archive

20 – 22 Oct 17

Special Panel Multihalle — Urban Thinkers Campus 2017

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Urban Thinkers Campus

20 – 22 Oct 17

The Multihalle is a keynote topic at the UTC Mannheim!

Multihalle Special Panel – Urban Thinkers Campus 2017
Stadthaus N1 – Room 52/53
1.00 – 5.00 p.m.

This year’s Urban Thinkers Campus in Mannheim will use the example of the Mannheim Multihalle, built by Pritzker award winner Frei Otto and Mannheim architect Carlfried Mutschler, to investigate how cities can convert cultural heritage – some of which has partially vanished from collective memory – into a resource for inclusive, economic and social development in a promising urban context.

While the complex structure of the Multihalle remains in the public consciousness, its social and societal potential often goes unmentioned. An ‘urban thinkers camp’ in the run-up to the Urban Thinkers Campus 2017 will examine the Multihalle from a civic perspective and consider how it is anchored in the city’s social topography. The focus will be on the building’s hidden dimensions. A key objective will be to work out a new way of interpreting the Multihalle in tune with architect Frei Otto’s original intentions: as a platform for an open society that shapes the future in a well-informed, responsible and co-creative manner.

The work is to be oriented around the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), in terms of action options for a European city and, specifically, their feasibility for Mannheim.


How can the SDG be used for cities in Germany – and Mannheim in particular – and for holistic, complex and open urban development concepts and tasks?

How can these flow into Mannheim’s mission statement process, and be put to good use?

How can the participants contribute their know-how to the process?

What role can the development of the Multihalle play in Mannheim’s mission statement process and the future of the city – in the sense of being an ‘open project within an open process’?

How can the Multihalle become an open space and venue?

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21 – 22 Sep 17

Live Video Performance


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F. Wiesel (DE)
Live-Video-Performance (in German)

Thu 21 Sep – 9.30 p.m. – Multihalle Mannheim
Fri 22 Sep – 9.30 p.m. – Multihalle Mannheim

Concrete and glass landscapes extend across the South American jungle and over the Italian alps. Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Speer Jr., and Walt Disney are working feverishly on the axes of their new orders. In pursuit of a planned, more orderly and fairer society once and for all, ideal proportions and relations begin to emerge on the drawing boards and computers. At some point, the inevitable happens: in building complex Superquadra 67, Oskar C. begins experimenting with architecture. By and by, the building mutates, while the inhabitants begin to realise their own interests. Superquadra turns the chronicle of the conversion into a science fiction film on stage. In a mash-up with past visions, the performance tells a story about the end of architecture.

F. Wiesel (DE) – aka Hanke Wilsmann and Jost von Harlessem – develop performances and installations with alternating collaborators. F. Wiesel build fictional spaces that tell stories and generate a particular vision of reality. Perspectives are changed and manipulated: large objects are dwarfed, a fur looks like a prairie. In their work to date, they have used models to reanimate cinema history, dead emperors, and Soviet planets. In 2017, F. Wiesel won the Ponto Performance Prize by the Jürgen Ponto Foundation that promotes young artists.

A project within WUNDER DER PRÄRIE (Wonders of the Prairie) – International Festival for Performance Art & Networking

14 – 24 September 2017, Mannheim

Concept, copy & realisation: F. Wiesel (Hanke Wilsmann & Jost von Harlessem). Puppeteer: Caroline Kühner. Set design: Ben Goossens. Music: Philip Albus. Sound design: Rupert Jaud. Stage assistant: Friederike Schmidt-Colinet. Narrator: Fredrik Jan Hofmann. Author & narrator of “The Chronicles of Superquadra”: Dietmar Dath. Puppet costumes: Melchior B. Tacet. Puppet mechanics: Ingo Mewes. Production: Heidrun Schlegel. A co-production by: Treibstoff Theatertage Basel, F. Wiesel GbR, Fleetstreet Theater Hamburg.

Sponsored by: City of Frankfurt Culture Office, Rudolf-Augstein Foundation, Hamburg Arts Council, Hamburg Department of Culture, Lumitronix GmbH, Foundation for Radio and Culture in Switzerland; and the Jürgen Ponto Foundation for promoting young artists, as part of the Ponto Performance Prize 2017, a cooperation project with Mousonturm house of artists and the Hessian Theatre Academy. With the kind support of the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Jul – Aug 17



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Friday, 7 July – 9.30 p.m. – Open Air Summer Cinema:
Moon — GBR 2009. Rating: PG-12
Thursday, 20 July – 7.00 p.m. – round table talk:
On built visions
Friday, 8 August – 9.00 p.m. – Open Air Summer Cinema:
Youth – Italy 2015. Rating: PG-6

Multihalle in Herzogenriedpark
Access via Neuer Messplatz entrance
Summer cinema: €7 / concessions €5 / round table talk: free entry

A summer for visions. During July and August, zeitraumexit will present three evenings of films and talks for mild summer evenings and ambitious ideas, on the walkways of the Multihalle. In cooperation with the CinemaQuadrat, we will be showing two extraordinary movies in a breathtaking setting, and invite you to a round table about visionary architecture. Refreshments served.

24 MAY 17

An evening in aid of the Multihalle


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PROGRAMME: 24 May 17

An evening in aid of the Multihalle

Wednesday, 24 May – 7.00 p.m. – Multihalle
in Herzogenriedpark – access via the Neuer Messplatz entrance – free entry!

Mannheim’s most spectacular building celebrates its re-opening to the public. Join us for an evening of live music, dance, videos and information about the history and the future of the Multihalle.

The evening will kick-off a series of artistic and exploratory interim uses. Over the summer, the Multihalle will therefore be both a laboratory and a playground of the senses and for ideas – staged by the Building Competence Centre of the City of Mannheim, and curated by zeitraumexit, Collini Social Club, and Mannheim planning agency Yalla Yalla.

Sally Below will guide you through the evening.

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31 Mar – 1 Apr 17


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31 Mar – 1 Apr 17

Friday, 31 Mar – 7.00 p.m. – Multihalle

Public kick-off event: Transformations of space


Four interdisciplinary teams of experts from the fields of (landscape) architecture, cultural and creative industries, civil engineering, and event management contemplate concepts for sustainable uses for the Multihalle.



Saturday, 1 April – 5.00 p.m. – Multihalle

Public presentation of the results from the groups: leisure, sports, park, regional
International meeting venue and place for developing investor models
Open concept

Download workshop documentation (German only)